HMY Group and The Future of Retail

Sustainability as the main driver of innovation in retail spaces

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Missoni, Barcelona

At first glance, it may seem as though little has changed in retail design recently, but the average shopper's experience is vastly different than it was just a few years ago. Now more than ever brands are able to truly showcase their identities and give clients a unique experience that’s more fulfilling for everyone involved, and it’s all thanks to companies like HMY Group.

As one of the international leaders in retail services, HMY Group have become world-class experts in translating brand philosophies into tangible spaces, and this is made all the more impressive considering how much they’ve invested in their sustainability efforts throughout the years.

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Luxottica, Ciudad de Mexico

But more than actual effort, sustainability is a way of being for HMY Group. As their CEO Walter Ceglia mentions, they’re constantly evolving in this ever-growing concept, and this goes back to the company’s very roots; even in the beginnings sixty years ago, innovation was the name of the game and HMY Group never stopped moving forward with solutions in a constantly-changing world.

With a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, they’re able to really connect to their customers and find the best way to show brand values and goals in an effective but subtle manner, letting the space really speak for itself. From initial planning, to design engineering, manufacturing, installation and beyond; nothing is left to chance and every detail matters when the ultimate objective is the best shopper experience.

That’s exactly how HMY Group has managed to expand to over 90 countries, recently completing projects with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Pandora, Luxottica, Moschino, Amazon, Puma, and too many to count. What they all have in common, though, is that HMY Group manages to combine unique brand expression with sustainable innovation, including zero waste in production facilities, recycled or controlled original materials and an evolution towards eco-design.


Printemps, Doha

The retail service giants will soon be making an appearance at Euroshop 2023, taking place from February 26th until March 2nd, showcasing their expertise in the industry and helping others become more sustainable, one step at a time.


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